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Welcome to Our Codeless Class Section

What an accurate throw! We started Codeless Class to empower young, brilliant and creative minds who are at the verge of launching their own businesses or who feel they need an additional source of income and are passionate about website design but hate to code.  We believe strongly that you don’t need to CODE IT before you can BUILD IT and we are here to see to that. Aside  from this codeless class, we also a range of digital skill training which exposes our trainees to the opportunities in the digital world. Success stories from our past training has really been overwhelming and we want you to be a part too.

You can hire us to train at your Organizations (both governmental and non-governmental), Institutions, Religious Organizations etc.

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Codeless Class

We Use Local Machines

For locations with poor internet service.

We Use Remote Servers

For locations with good internet service.

Hone Your Skill

This is achievable by consistently building real life projects even if you have to take up a few projects almost for free.

become unique

We want your present projects to be better than the previous ones. This you can do by consistent research and staying updated about the current trends applicable to your projects

For the services we render, we also offer digital skill training and consultancy as well

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Relevant Content Development
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  • Website Optimization

The need for digital skill experts in this 21st century is on the high rise daily but people capable of taking up those opportunities are very scarce due to the digital skill gap that is everywhere. By going through our digital skill training, you will be well equipped enough to take up on upcoming opportunities.

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